A clinical data retrieval and management training program for researchers

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Workshop Training

We are in the process of implementing a training curriculum via a series of workshops designed to meet critical needs of clinical researchers. The curriculum will feature new workshops, as well as leverage existing training materials that have been updated and improved to address key aspects of clinical research data.

  1. Best Practices in Research Data Management and Data Sharing
  2. Clinical Research Data: Tools, Tips, and Policies
    • Available Winter 2022
  3. Making Your Data FAIR
  4. Sharing and Preserving Biomedical Data
  5. An Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL) for Clinical Researchers
  6. Querying Clinical Databases with SQL

Non-coding Track

  1. Cleaning Spreadsheet Data with OpenRefine
  2. Essential Spreadsheet Data Cleaning with OpenRefine
  3. Data Projects: Setup and Key Tips for Excel

Coding Track

  1. Introduction to R Studio
  2. R Refresher
  3. Data Cleaning and Organization with R
  4. Data Exploration with R and SQL

Simple Rules Series

  1. 10 Simple Rules for Conducting a Data Inventory
  2. 10 Simple Rules for File Organization
  3. 10 Simple Rules for Data Cleaning with Excel

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